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Education is a powerful tool. It has the power to change lives, the power to inspire and encourage, the power to impact the future. Nick Gomez learned this lesson from an early age. He was always interested in investing and trading and knew he wanted to be as close to the industry as possible, but as a young 17-year-old, he needed to harness the power of education to reach his dream. Through determination, he changed his family’s trajectory, and as a result, that of many others as well.

As he was growing and developing in the trading world, he became interested in the emerging cryptocurrency industry, as it presented an exciting new opportunity. He gleamed all he could from others in the arena and began making strides with his own investment portfolio. He gained experience and success in the market, sharing his passion with others. Soon, with Nick’s help, they began to see successes as well.

Eventually, Nick Gomez established a cryptocurrency trading and educating platform, myswipecoin, which enabled him to reach exponentially more people interested in joining the new digital age of trade. “I believe in passing down the baton or torch just as I was once blessed. I believe in helping the next person in line,” says Nick. And so, he once again harnessed the power of education to share what he has learned through experience and empower others to change their own trajectories.

The powerful thing about education is the ability to serve others in a way that helps them serve themselves. It puts people first in the line of consideration. “I genuinely care for the community and my students. ‘People over profits’ has always been my motto and I believe highly in service to others.” Mentorship is a big part of education and helps other entrepreneurs gain the confidence to overcome opposition and criticism they may face from friends and family, just as he did when he started out over 7 years ago.

Trading and investing are ventures that always garner some level of risk, but the power of education can help people make better investment decisions and understand the market. Nick Gomez continues to impact the crypto world by bringing trading to the masses through conferences and meetups, as well as his trading and education platform, myswipecoin.

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