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Mentored by Tyler Shields, perfecting his craft since his childhood days. At his young age, Jake Cloobeck is already Beverly Hill’s young generation’s favorite photographer.

Throughout the decades of cinema magic, there has been a handful of photographers whose work and relationships to the celebrities stand out. Richard Avedon, Annie Leibowitz, Irving Penn, to just name a few.

Portrait photographers that captured the faces of every generation of Hollywood, with a timeless essence to make them last forever.

The relationships between the artists have always been fascinating and rising star Jake Cloobeck proves it still is. The LA photographer is the new generation’s favorite, having captured the shooting stars of casts like HBO’s Euphoria. Merging his ability to grasp the current Zeitgeist, while using flawless skills providing elegance and emotion, Jake Cloobeck‘s work speaks for itself.

Still, we would like to look further behind his lens.

Jake Cloobeck was born in Las Vegas, later he spent time in Laguna Beach, California, where he assisted his mother, a surf photographer. The influence if these two places might explain his ability to combine mellow class with strong creativity.

The celebrity portrait photographer gives major credit to the great Tyler Shields, who he says really handed him the tools and tricks to go and perfect his craft during his time as an assistant.

Something Cloobeck has truly achieved. Shooting exclusively on film, his black and white masterpieces are no lucky shots. While he says he is fully focused on the emotion he is trying to capture, it is obvious his incredible skill set puts him in the position to do so. Having

learned to master the camera from such an early age, it now seems to come naturally for Jake. Another ingredient to his success is surely his general approach to photography. Especially in the environment he is working in, it would be easy to get lost in commercial jobs, finding yourself in a loop where you are just one more photographer competing to provide your service. But Jake Cloobeck never stopped honoring his passion to create art. First and foremost, he treats every shot like a piece of art.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that he shared that he’s working on a photography book. His black & white shots would perfectly fit on a coffee table accompanied by Newton, Lindbergh, and other greats.                       

Jake Cloobeck

While his distinctive work also constantly puts him on the map for major high fashion brands and magazines, we would love to see an exhibition in a gallery soon. To see his art, where it truly belongs.

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