Building wealth when you don’t come from money sounds like a mission impossible. You know where you want to be but don’t have the resources and tools to help you get there. It is even more complex for young entrepreneurs with little experience in the field. This was Justin Waller’s case. Justin Waller wanted to start a construction company but didn’t have anything to build on. He is from the small town of Denham Springs, Louisiana. Growing up in a trailer park, Waller says “the only way we knew how to make doctor money was in boots.”

Waller worked hard in sports in order to give himself an opportunity to play football at the college level. Justin achieved this goal by being awarded a Division 1 college football scholarship, making him the first in his family to go to college. Graduating college in the middle of 2009 crash, Waller had to work hard to prove himself in the construction industry but has now cemented his spot. At 35, he is the CEO and founder of one of the leading metal building erection companies in the industry, doing so with an unprecedented all-women construction management team. This, in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry. The company has 130 employees working in all 50 states and the Caribbean. In addition, Waller was the youngest appointed board member of the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) at just 26 years old and wrote the standards to Louisiana’s Metal Building Apprenticeship program. Here is his story.

Waller ‘s dream of joining the construction industry started in his 20s. He wanted a business that could push him out of his comfort zone and away from the small town. He wrote a business plan and began building his construction and real estate businesses.

Waller invested in growing his brand and network and learned about the business world and money management. He spent most of his time with authors like Patrick Lencioni, Robert Kiyosaki, and Robert E Gerber, among others, which helped him break out of the small-town mindset.

Waller brings an innovative approach to the metal building business. His approach brings an upbeat atmosphere that reduces stress in an otherwise difficult industry. Waller believes that by removing workplace biases, eliminating office politics, and bringing teams together is the key to his company’s culture and success. The family office feel is a large part of why every employee feels comfortable and appreciated. It also helps you attract the right candidates for the job.

His view of the construction and real estate industry and passion for what he does helped him break into the commercial construction world and build his steel company with no investors. Waller also works with top industry brands and some of America’s larger contractors.

Additionally, Waller is a YouTuber and has a YouTube channel, which has grown to over 80K subscribers. He uses his social platforms to help others develop a stronger mindset by showing the community how to build wealth from nothing.

When Waller began building his steel company, he was in his early twenties. He had no financial backing and no commercial projects. Waller’s company started with just three men and a pick-up truck building small back yard sheds. By 28, he had a multi-million-dollar company. At 35, his company has grown to building large commercial buildings coast to coast and in the Caribbean. Waller was the youngest board member of MBCEA and travels internationally. He invested in his circle, found new mentors, and stocked up his home library, which helped him develop his business skills.

As Waller grows his brand, he aims to invest in more real estate properties. He shows others how they can go from zero to seven figures and achieve financial freedom.

Written in partnership with Tom White

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