The internet is flooded with countless content creators, but only a tiny percentage are successful and able to make a career out of it. One of the individuals in that small group is Daelan Mangapit, a YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers.

Daelan was not always so popular on social media. At one point, he had only a few hundred subscribers. However, he was able to turn the small number of subscribers he had into the thousands he has today. Moreover, he was able to obtain the Silver Play Button — a reward that YouTube only gives to their top creators for their original, engaging, and entertaining content. But how did Daelan do it? Why does Daelan have over 100,000 subscribers? What makes him so successful in his field of content creation?

Daelan says one of the reasons is his dedication to his craft. For many years, Daelan uploaded videos weekly, sometimes daily. And on weekends, he would livestream. The frequent uploads provided by Daelan helped keep his current audience interested while growing his fanbase.

Daelan mentions that his dedication even extended to his fanbase. He would respond to every comment on his YouTube videos and reply to anyone who directly messaged him on Instagram. Daelan’s strong engagement with his fanbase made them feel connected to him and that they were more than just viewers. As a result, many in his audience remained loyal and consistently watched his videos.

Daelan Mangapit’s

Daelan also points to how his discipline allowed him to succeed on social media, as he built his channel despite studying and working full-time. To illustrate, he would work his day job from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., he attended classes. Afterward, he would spend 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. creating content. No matter how busy he would be, he did not use his time constraints as an excuse not to produce videos.

Furthermore, while it is true that Daelan’s daily schedule was draining, and some days he felt lazy, he would often disregard these negative feelings. Daelan knew that his dreams would not come true on their own and, as a result, would continue to produce content no matter how he felt. Because of Daelan’s unwavering commitment to his YouTube channel, he maintained his upload frequency and grew his channel even more.

Lastly, Daelan indicated how his willingness to learn contributed significantly to his success. When watching top content creators, he would draw inspiration from their video styles and try to incorporate them into his own. Daelan would also take advice and constructive criticism from his friends and viewers on improving his content. The culmination of these things allowed Daelan to be a more skilled and entertaining content creator. As the quality of his videos increased, so did his channel’s popularity.

Anybody pursuing content creation knows that generating a large audience takes much work. However, replicating Daelan’s traits can help lay the foundation for anybody to be successful in the digital space. So, even if somebody only has a small following now, they too may have thousands behind them in the future.

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