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Where Was Sasha Obama During President Barack Obama's Farewell Speech? — Get the Details!

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Kanye West Meets With President-Elect Donald Trump in NYC

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Susan Olsen Fired From LA Talk Radio After Making Homophobic Comments

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Fans Beg Kanye West to Run for President in 2020 Following Donald Trump’s Victory

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See the Best Political Impersonations on 'Saturday Night Live'

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'The Wire' Star Wendell Pierce Arrested and Charged With Simple Battery

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Donald Trump’s Taco Bowl Tribute for Cinco de Mayo Goes Viral

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Track Palin, 26-Year-Old Son of Sarah Palin, Arrested for Alleged Domestic Violence, Weapons Charges

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President Obama Referenced ‘Friday Night Lights’ in His Final State of the Union Speech — Find Out What He Said

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Justin Theroux Wants to be Mayor of LA (REPORT)

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Donald Trump is Running For President

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Keeping Up With the… Camerons?! UK Prime Minister David Cameron Reveals He’s Distantly Related to the Kardashians!

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Political Romance! Madonna and 6 Other Stars Who Dated Politicians

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Vice President Joe Biden’s Son, Hunter, Discharged From the Navy Reserve After Reportedly Testing Positive For Cocaine

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OMG! Online Petition’s Influence Forces President Obama To Make a Statement About Deporting Justin Bieber