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LOL!: These Guys Recreated Movie Posters, and the Pics are Hilarious!

Apparently these two friends have a lot of time on their hands, because they've been recreating some of our favorite movie posters in their...
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8 Things We Learned from Bill Murray's Reddit AMA

Some comics are funny, but Bill Murray is truly hilarious. The Caddyshack star participated in Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything) fan interview...
Scarlett johansson golden globes rejected

Scarlett Johansson Gets Dissed by the Golden Globes

Scarlett Johansson just got dissed by the Golden Globes. The actress has been deemed ineligible for one of the trophies for her highly-praised role...
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Internet Celebrity Antoine Dodson Lands Role in Upcoming Tyler Perry Movie

Antoine Dodson became an accidental internet celebrity when a news clip of him talking about his sister's attempted rapist went viral. But now...
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'Paradise' Star Julianne Hough Dishes On Her Bad-Girl Past

In her new movie Paradise, Julianne Hough plays a good girl gone bad. But in real life, it sounds like the 25-year-old star is quite the...
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Uma thurman nymphomaniac movie poster

Uma Thurman Stars In Super-Sexy Poster for New Movie 'Nymphomaniac'

Uma Thurman's movie has the suggestive title Nymphomaniac, and the first posters for the flick show that it's definitely living up to its...
Madonna kicked out movie theater

Madonna Kicked Out of NYC Film Screening for Texting During Movie

Madonna has been banned for life from a popular movie theater chain after she was caught texting during a film premiere.The Material Girl was at...
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Adele dusty springfield movie

Adele Might Be Playing Dusty Springfield In an Upcoming Movie

Although Adele has been incredibly successful as a singer, there are rumors that the musician might be making the transition into acting. She has...
Taylor swift the giver

Taylor Swift Nabs Role Alongside Meryl Streep in Upcoming Movie "The Giver"

Is Taylor Swift making the leap from musician to actress? The "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer has landed a role in the upcoming movie...