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Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Sextuplets Turn 12 — See What They Look Like Now!

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Kate Gosselin Goes on Her First-Ever Blind Date — WATCH Here!

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Kate Gosselin Talks Dating — Find Out What She’s Looking For!

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Kate Gosselin Admits to Hitting Her Kids in Diary Entries (REPORT)

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Time Flies! Kate Gosselin's Kids Are All Grown Up in the New 'Kate Plus 8' Promo Photo

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Kate Gosselin Goes on a Blind Date in New ‘Kate Plus 8’ Trailer

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Jon Gosselin Celebrates Ex-Wife Kate Being Dumped (REPORT)

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Kate Gosselin Dumped By Millionaire Boyfriend Jeff Prescott (REPORT)

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Kate Gosselin Opens Up About Troubled Son Collin

Kate gosselin sextuplets birthday

Kate Gosselin Keeps Her Cool While Celebrating the Sextuplets’ Birthday!

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"It’s Been the Greatest Five Years of My Life": Kate Gosselin Talks Life After Divorce From Jon

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Is Kate Gosselin Engaged? See the Ring Photos!

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Kate Gosselin’s New Boyfriend Jeff Prescott Accused of Neglecting His Own Children (REPORT)

Jon kate gosselin hannah custody

Jon and Kate Gosselin Set Court Date For Custody Hearing Over 11-Year-Old Daughter Hannah

Kate gosselin marriage jeff prescott

Kate Gosselin’s Millionaire Boyfriend Isn’t Looking to Get Married (REPORT)

Jon gosselin custody hannah blast

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Seeking Full Custody of 11-Year-Old Daughter Hannah

Kate gosselin steve neild vacation

Kate Gosselin May Have Brought Her Kids on Her ~Romantic Birthday Getaway~ Because What Else Are You Supposed to Do With That Many Children?

Kate gosselin steve neild relationship

Did TLC Try to Cover Up Kate Gosselin’s Relationship With Her Bodyguard Steve Neild?

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Kate Gosselin Accused of Throwing Away Jon's Gifts to Their Children! (REPORT)

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Kate Gosselin Allegedly Had Her Twins Spy on Ex Jon During Visits