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Kate Gosselin Calls Jon Out For Lying — Claims He Didn't Watch Kids While She Filmed 'Celebrity Apprentice'

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Kate Gosselin's New Boyfriend Disses Ex-Husband Jon: "He's a Deadbeat Father"

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Jon Gosselin Buys Back His Video Game From Ex-Wife Kate at Her Yard Sale Because “Charity”

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Jon Gosselin Abandoned His Kitten After He Was Evicted, Landlady Says

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Desperate For Cash? Kate Gosselin Announces a Yard Sale Shortly After Husband Jon Gets Evicted From His Home

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Jon Gosselin Has Been Evicted From His Home (REPORT)

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REPORT: Jon Gosselin Wants a Cut of Kate Gosselin’s Earnings From Her Upcoming TLC Special

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Kate Gosselin Begging for Attention on NYC Sidewalk—In a Wedding Dress! Says, “Will you marry me TODAY?”

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“Kate Will Flip!”: Details on Jon Gosselin’s Shocking New Tell-All

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“F---ing Die”: Jon Gosselin Attacks Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin in Shocking New 'Couples Therapy' Video

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Jon Gosselin Says Kate “Treats Kids Like Garbage”; Explains Why He’s Fighting For Custody

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Caught Red Handed: Was Jon Gosselin Really Pleasuring Himself on ‘Couples Therapy’?

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin to Sue Kate For Primary Custody of Sextuplets

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Kate Gosselin and Her Twin Daughters on ‘Today’ Is the Most Awkward Interview Ever

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Jon Gosselin Didn’t Know His Daughters, Mady and Cara, Were Going to Be on TV

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Slams His Ex AGAIN: 'Kate Isolates Our Children From Society'

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Jon Gosselin On Kate: “She’s Exploiting Our Children!”

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Jon Gosselin Disses Ex-Wife Kate

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'Couples Therapy' Trailer Shows Farrah Abraham, Taylor Armstrong, Jon Gosselin, and Plenty of Tears

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Farrah Abraham, Jon Gosselin, and Taylor Armstrong Sign Up for VH1's 'Couples Therapy'