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Kate Gosselin Opens Up About Son Collin’s “Special Needs” Diagnosis

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Jon Gosselin Requesting Joint Custody of His and Kate Gosselin's Twins and Sextuplets (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jon Gosselin’s Lawyer Insists There’s More to Son Collin’s Story Than Kate Will Admit

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Kate Gosselin Reveals Son Collin, 12, Is "Chugging Along"

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Jon Gosselin “Doesn’t Know” Where Son Collin, 12, Is

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Kate Gosselin Feared for Her Life Because of Ex-Husband Jon, Police Report Reveals

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Kate Gosselin: Jon Attempted to Kidnap Our Daughter (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kate Gosselin Calls Ex-Husband Jon’s Relationship With Their Daughter Hannah “Suspicious” (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jon Gosselin Reacts to Kate’s Claims He Had an “Inappropriate Relationship” With Their Daughter Hannah (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kate Gosselin Accuses Ex-Husband Jon of Having an “Inappropriate Relationship” With Daughter Hannah, 12 (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kate Gosselin Accuses Jon Gosselin Of Being a Drug Dealer in Bombshell Police Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jon Gosselin Shares a Sweet Message to Twins Mady and Cara on Their 16th Birthday — See the Pic!

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Jon Gosselin Fires Back at Kate Gosselin Following Tell-All Interview, Says She Only Cares About Money and Fame (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kate Gosselin Says Jon Gosselin "Changed Overnight" After Divorce

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Jon Gosselin Speaks Out After Daughters Claim He "Doesn't Know Them"

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Mady and Cara Gosselin Say Estranged Dad Jon “Doesn’t Even Know Us”

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Jon Gosselin Doesn’t See 4 of His 8 Children: Details

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Jon Gosselin Slams His Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin in New Interview

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Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Sextuplets Turn 12 — See What They Look Like Now!

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Kate Gosselin Talks Dating — Find Out What She’s Looking For!