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Claire danes cryface

Claire Danes Opens Up on Her Infamous Cry Face to ‘Glamour’

If Kim Kardashian's crying taught us anything, it’s that even the most beautiful women look ugly sometimes… just ask Claire...
Homeland carrie saul muppets

‘Sesame Street’ Makes a Parody of ‘Homeland’ Called 'Homelamb'

If the complex plots and unbelievable twists has made Homeland too hard for you to follow, we may have found something a little more your pace:...
Jayz beyonce

EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z’s Mile-High Demands

There’s a diva in the Carter family, but it isn’t Beyoncé – it’s her husband, Jay-Z!Forget about requesting candlelit...
Mitt romney big bird

Why Mitt Romney is Feuding with Big Bird!

In last night’s presidential debate, candidate Mitt Romney went head-to-head with current President of the United States Barack Obama, but it...
Halle berry

Hollywood Heads To Sesame Street!


Brooke’s daughters are crazy for Katy!

Forget their famous mom, Brooke Shields' young daughters’ favorite celebrity is red-hot pop star Katy Perry. “They love her songs. They know...

Why Katy Perry got evicted from Sesame Street

When it comes to Katy Perry, Sesame Street is hot and cold! Following Internet outrage over a YouTube preview of the September 27 premiere of the...
Judelaw1104 2

Jude’s hard-rock Halloween!

Could Jude Law’s boy be a rock star in the making? The Alfie actor tells In Touch that 13-year-old Rafferty went heavy metal with his Halloween...

Brangelina's Global Initiative

Hollywood's first couple of humanitarianism, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, attended former President Bill Clinton's forum on global issues,...