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James franco instagram sext

“I Used Bad Judgment and I Learned My Lesson”: James Franco Admits Trying to Pick Up a Teen on Instagram

James Franco has broken his silence after it was revealed yesterday he had attempted to pick up a teenage girl using Instagram. “I’m embarrassed...
Shia lebeouf bar fight

Sorry! Shia LeBeouf Apologizes AGAIN After Head-butting a Man In a Pub: A Timeline of His Strange/Violent Behavior

Oh Shia LeBeouf… what happened to you? Where did the dorky, yet lovable star of Even Stevens go?The newly troubled 27-year-old actor was...
Charlie sheen married

Charlie Sheen Tweeted He Made His Porn Star Girlfriend His Fourth Wife

Charlie Sheen sent the rumour mill into overdrive once again over the weekend by tweeting that he and his girlfriend of just two months got...
Lady gaga kelly osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Lashes Out at Lady Gaga on Twitter!

Back in 2009, Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga began a school-girl feud, with some catty comments and now it looks like Gaga wants to kiss and make up!...
Kim kardashian kanye west engaged

Kanye West Proposes: Kanye and Kim Kardashian Engaged

Talk about a great birthday present! To celebrate Kim Kardashian’s 33rd birthday, Kanye West decided to give her a lifetime of happiness...
Pusha t

Pusha T Talks His New Album, 'My Name Is My Name'

 Days after releasing his first solo album earlier this month, Pusha T has made it to the No.4 spot on the Billboard 200. With tracks...
Kanye west  0

Not So Fast, Kanye! You HAVE Done a Publicity Stunt

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James deen farrah abraham sex tape

James Deen Talks Sex Tape Co-Star Farrah Abraham's Pregnancy Test Purchase: It's a "Publicity Stunt"

Still feeling the high from her über-successful sex tape, Farrah Abraham is making sure she does everything she can to stay in the spotlight—...
Anne hathaway nipples academy awards

Anne Hathaway's Nipples Steal the Academy Awards Spotlight

Anne Hathaway was a shoe-in for Best Supporting Actress, but when the Les Misérables star took the stage to accept her Oscar, two others shared the...

Heidi makes the split legal

Even if it's just a publicity stunt, no one can say Heidi Montag isn't committed: the Hills star filed for legal separation from Spencer...

Heidi Montag's latest stunt: A baby for publicity

“It seems like she’ll do anything to stay relevant,” Heidi’s friend tells In Touch. Just a few weeks ago, Heidi Montag admitted to the world that...

Are Jake and Reese faking it?

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal kissed and held hands at Kate Hudson's Halloween bash. "It was their unofficial coming-out...

Prison Break star imprisoned

Prison Break star Lane Garrison started his jail sentence today for the drunk-driving accident that killed a teen — but still doesn’t know how long...