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Peter pan

Light, Camera, Casting! NBC Announces Peter Pan as Next Live-Action Musical: See Our Picks For Our Dream Cast!

Looks like you won’t have take the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning light to get to Never, Neverland…...
Miley cyrus birthday party details

Details Inside Miley Cyrus’ S&M-Themed 21st Birthday Party at Beacher’s Madhouse

It’s her party, she can do what she wants!
When you’re a party animal and constantly the center of attention—like Miley...
Katy perry

Katy Perry To "Naked" Female Popstars: Put It Away…

Katy Perry was raised by pastors, yet she still can’t practice what she preaches!The “Roar” singer did an interview with NPR...
Katy perry niall horan kiss

Niall Horan Asks Katy Perry To Marry Him on Twitter

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