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Miley cyrus concert banned dominican republic

ACCESS DENIED: Miley Cyrus’ Concert Has Been Banned in the Dominican Republic — Plus 7 More Stars Who Are Banned From Foreign Countries!

Looks like #Smilers in the Dominican Republic won’t get to experience Miley Cyrus’ twerking in real life—as the 21-year-old’s concert has...
Vin diesel shower selfie

Steamy!: Vin Diesel Shares a Shower Pic, Shows Madonna, Miley and Nicki Minaj How It’s Done!

Is it hot in here, or is it just Vin Diesel looking super sexy in the shower?! After hopping on the back of a pick-up truck and dumping a bucket...
Jared leto alexis arquette sex

Did Alexis Arquette Sleep With Jared Leto? The Actress Says Yes!

Transgender actress Alexis Arquette has come forward and confessed that, while presenting as a man, she slept with Jared Leto! The shocking...
Kim kardashian tshirt

15 Celebs Who Have Shown Love – By Wearing T-Shirts to Support Their Famous Friends!

Kim Kardashian recently stepped out in a Yeezus Tour t-shirt (shocking, we know). But she's not the only star paying homage to a fellow...
Nicki minaj miley cyrus

Nicki Minaj Throws Shade at Miley Cyrus For Her Photoshopped “Anaconda” Pic!

Nicki Minaj is not amused by Miley Cyrus’ latest antics. The 31-year-old called out the twerkin’ 21-year-old after she posted a photoshopped...
Miley cyrus skydive

Miley Cyrus Reminisces About Skydiving — Plus 13 Other Celebrity Daredevils!

Hollywood: Where you don’t have to do your own stunts to get an adrenaline rush.
Blinging up baby hooters

Too Far?!: Find Out Why One Mom Put Her 4-Year-Old Daughter in a Hooters Outfit

We have some good news and some bad news about baby blinging. The bad news is that there are people in this world who watch Toddlers & Tiaras...
Amy tina nosemouth

'All Nose. No Mouth': Check Out 12 Hilarious Pics of Celebs, including Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and more with Nosemouths!

Phillip Pastore sure has a passion for photoshop and that's why he's created a website featuring pics of stars including Miley Cyrus, Kanye...
Leonardo dicaprio

Get Your Groove On!: It's Friday and We're Celebrating With 12 GIFs of Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron & More Celebs Dancing

TGIF! To celebrate the start of the weekend we've rounded up 12 hilarious GIFs of celebrities dancing away. Enjoy!
Miley cyrus psychic

Crystal Ballers : Miley Cyrus Allegedly Used a Dog Medium to Get In Touch With Her Late Pup Floyd — Plus 5 More Celebs Who Use Psychics!

Miley Cyrus experienced unimaginable loss when her pup Floyd was tragically killed by a coyote in April. Now she’s looking for closure, has...
Lady gaga nipple wardrobe malfunction

Lady Gaga Gets A Little Too Risqué on Instagram By Flashing Her Nipple—Joining These 12 Stars who Also Suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction!

Lady Gaga, as we all know, brings attention to her wardrobe by wearing controversial – and sometimes very questionable – outfits. But rarely does...
Screen shot 2014 07 14 at 10 07 56 am

LOL!: #JaredHugginLeto Takes Over the Internet-- Our Favorite Memes of Jared Leto Hugging Anything and Everything!

Last week, Oscar winner Jared Leto posted a seemingly inconspicuous picture of himself hugging a tree on his Instagram. The pic, captioned...
Photobomb 1

Oh No!: Miley Cyrus Photobombs Celebs' Fourth of July Parties — See the Hilarious Photos!

Miley Cyrus is at it again! The controversial 21-year-old hosted an outrageous Fourth of July party this weekend while wearing an American flag...
Miley lily 2

Let's Get BANGERZZZ: Lily Allen joins Miley Cyrus's Tour-- Check Out Their Imagined On-Stage Duets!

Are you ready for some CRAZY EXCITING news, Miley fans!? "F*** You" singer Lily Allen is joining Miley's Bangerz tour for what's...
Miley cyrus shower selfie puppy emu

Miley Cyrus Shares a Shower Selfie — With Her New Puppy, Emu!

She may be taking naked selfies, but Miley Cyrus appears to be cleaning up her act—literally—as she poses in the shower for a selfie session with...
Miley cyrus noah cyrus

Miley Cyrus Enlists Her 14-Year-Old Sister as Her “P--sy Police”

It’s always respectable seeing stars employing their family members—but we’re not sure we support the position Miley Cyrus has given her...
Britney spears jamie lynn

VIDEO: Britney Spears Shares Sweet Birthday Message to Jamie Lynn’s Daughter Maddie

Britney Spears may have not been able to make it to her niece’s birthday party, but she sure made up for it by sharing sweet messages! Maddie, the...
Ti azealia banks rapper feud

"I WILL END YOU!": T.I. Curses At Rapper Azealia Banks for Insulting His Wife—Sparking Never-Ending Twitter Rant!

The feud between T.I. and rapper Azealia Banks has gotten even more ugly! What started as a jab at T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, has now...
Miley cyrus selena gomez feud

Diva Drama: Miley Cyrus Shades Selena Gomez, Yet Again

The shade of it all! Miss Miley Cyrus seems to be back to her delightful instigating ways, and once again it seems Miley has targeted Selena...
Kristen stewart demi moore

On-Screen Family : Kristen Stewart Wants Demi Moore to Play Her Mom in Upcoming Movie (REPORT)

Kristen Stewart reportedly wants Demi Moore to play her mom in a movie—and we don’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want Demi Moore to play their mom?...