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Khloe kardashian rob kardashian

"My Brother's Not Nearly Black Enough For Me!": Khloé Kardashian Jokes About Incest, Proves She and Rob Have the Most Bizarre Relationship Ever!

Last night, Khloé Kardasahian filled in for Chelsea Handler and hosted Chelsea Lately—but that doesn’t mean the night was without its fair share of...
Lena dunham short shorts

Definitive Proof You Hate Hannah Horvath’s Style – Not Lena Dunham’s! 6 Pics That Prove She’s Way More Fashionable Than Her ‘Girls’ Counterpart

In the pilot episode of Girls, Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, tells her parents they need to support her ambitions as a writer because...
Spice girls

Happy 40th Birthday, Posh!: We Celebrate Victoria Beckham's Big Birthday with a Look Back on her Best Moments

Break out the (sugar-free) jello and (raw fruit) cake - it's Victoria Beckham's 40th birthday! The slender singer-turned-fashion-darling...
Kris jenner hospitalized

Get Well Soon : Kris Jenner Has Been Hospitalized Following a Health Scare

Kris Jenner has been hospitalized. The 58-year-old was set to cohost E! News tonight, and instead, they’re reporting on her current health scare....
Khloe kardashian french montana

Kim Kardashian Warns Khloé Kardashian to Stay Away From Rumored Beau French Montana (REPORT)

Kim Kardashian may be a few weeks away from her third marriage, but she’s reportedly giving relationship advice to her younger sister, Khloé...
Kendall jenner kylie jenner coachella i have no tits

“I Have No Tits”: Kendall Jenner Makes a Big Statement in a Sweatshirt – Plus 9 More of the Kardashians’ Most Outspoken Fashion Moments

Sometimes, fashion speaks louder than words—check out 10 times the Jenner/Kardashian family’s fashion made BIG statements!
Paris hilton kelly osbourne feud

Twitter War: Paris Hilton Allegedly Accuses Kelly Osbourne Of Being a ‘B**ch’ at Coachella Party, Feud Ignites

Some celebrity feuds just keep on coming back – especially when it comes to Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne. Apparently during the Neon Carnival...
Peaches geldof death son died

Devastating: Peaches Geldof Was Found Dead With Her 11-Month-Old Son

It’s hard to imagine the death of a 25-year-old mother could be even more devastating—but new details on Peach Geldof’s death shed light on the...
Amanda bynes denies mental illness schizophrenia bipolar disorder marijuana

Amanda Bynes Denies Claims She Has Schizophrenia – And Blames Her Erratic Behavior on Marijuana

In the months leading up to Amanda Bynes’ forced hospitalization last July, there was speculation about what was to blame for the former child...
Drake bell kids choice

EXCLUSIVE: Drake Bell Dishes on Pal Amanda Bynes' Post-Rehab Progress

Amanda Bynes may be silent when it comes to discussing her current health status to the public, but one of her old pals, Drake Bell , has received...
Mindy kaling vogue

Move Over, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian! Let’s Talk About the Real Star of ‘Vogue’s’ April Issue – Mindy Kaling!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have snagged the coveted cover of Vogue, but it turns out the real star of the April issue made her own debut in...
Kim kardashian kanye west north vogue

5 Ways Kanye West May Have Reacted to His Daughter, North, Peeing On Him During Their ‘Vogue’ Photo Shoot

Kanye West knows a lot about taking risks in the name of the high-brow world of fashion—but we have a feeling he learned his lesson about being too...
Kim kardashian naomi campbell vogue

On Today's 'Gossip Table': Naomi Campbell Laughs at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s ‘Vogue’ Controversy!

Uh oh! Naomi Campbell has weighed in on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue cover! The supermodel was asked about the cover on Australia’s...
Carrie bradshaw 5

Happy Birthday SJP! : Can You Distinguish Sarah Jessica Parker’s Quotes From Her Alter Ego Carrie Bradshaw’s? Play Along!

Today, Sarah Jessica Parker turns 49 (yes, she looks that good at 49)! And to celebrate, we’ve created a guessing game! Scroll through the...
Amanda bynes twit pic

Hanging with the Rents: Amanda Bynes Lookin Happy and Healthy at FIDM Debut Runway Show

Amanda Bynes might have went tanning before posting a new photo of herself on Twitter, but nothing could cover-up that amazing glow she...
Kanye west kim kardashian vogue anna wintour

“He Did Nothing Of the Sort”: Anna Wintour Says Kanye West Didn’t Beg Her to Put Kim Kardashian on the Cover of ‘Vogue’

Prepare your world to crumble. Apparently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t end up on the cover of Vogue by begging Anna Wintour to make it...
Khloe kardashian camel toe

WARNING! Cannot Be Unseen: Khloé Kardashian Klaims She’s Kured Her Kamel Toe… Klearly, She Hasn’t

Earlier this week, while promoting her debut clothing line for children, Khloé Kardashian told reporters she’s found the “cure” for a fashion...
Kelly osbourne dog willy

Woman’s Best Friend!: Kelly Osbourne’s Dog Saves Her From a Car Accident

Today is National Puppy Day, and we know one pooch is seriously deserves to be spoiled today—Kelly Osbourne’s dog, Willy! The Fashion Police host...
Img apriltest 104557289055 guides hero

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Featured on the April Cover of Vogue

Well… it finally happened. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have landed on the cover of Vogue. The famed fashion magazine revealed the cover of...
Courtney stodden fashion

The Best of Courtney Stodden’s Style – See Our 8 Favorites of Her Most Fashionable Looks

Note: we use the terms “best,” “style,” “favorite,” “most” and “fashionable" very loosely.