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Bad Guys Need to Work Too!: Check Out 9 Creative Resumes of Disney Villains!

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You’ll Need Tissues For This One: 5-Year-Old Girl From England Receives More Than $7,000 to Go to Disneyland With Her Terminally Ill Father

Hearing this story just made us cry and we’re sure it will do the same to you! When Ruby Myles from Southport, England found out her father,...
Kimye little mermaid

"I Can Show You the World...": Check Out These Incredible Illustrations of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as Our Favorite Disney Couples!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are certainly a Hollywood power couple- whether you like it or not. But, regardless of your feelings for the...
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Celebrity GPS: Check Out Where We Spotted Your Favorite Stars!

They may be on the move, but they're never off our radar! Check out where some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs—like Olivia Wilde, Sofia Vergara,...
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LOL: #DepressingDisney is Taking Over the Internet-- See the Best Tweets, So Far!

Isn't Disney magical? Heartwarming? Depressing...? It turns out, some people think Disney is quite depressing and have taken to Twitter to...

Disney Rejects!: 5 Princesses & Heroines That Will Never Star in Their Own Movies

Sorry to ruin your childhood--but, most Disney movies are totally altered from their original, fairytale stories. For example, did you know that...
Selena gomez instagram bully

“I Have Seen Too Much to Not Say Anything”: Selena Gomez Slams Instagram Bully – Who Wished Cancer on the Starlet

Selena Gomez is used to keeping quiet about her personal life—but after one Instagram commenter said the unthinkable to her, she couldn’t help but...
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See Your Favorite Disney Characters Reimagined as Litchfield Inmates in This ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Mash-Up!

Maria Bayley entered a design contest that asked artists to reimagine famous females as the cast of Orange Is the New Black—and won by putting...
Bella thorne bikini july 4th

Go Under The Sea!: Bella Thorne Channels Her Inner Mermaid With New Bikini Pics!

It’s hard to miss Bella Thorne’s long, gorgeous legs in the new bikini shot she shared atop a boat—but we’re still totally convinced she’s a...
Shia labeouf arrest

Shia, Miley and More! : The Many Directions of Former Disney Channel Stars

Disney Channel can lead to many roads in life—see where it’s taken these former stars! (Spoiler alert: It hasn't meant rehab for everyone).
Miley cyrus shower selfie puppy emu

Miley Cyrus Shares a Shower Selfie — With Her New Puppy, Emu!

She may be taking naked selfies, but Miley Cyrus appears to be cleaning up her act—literally—as she poses in the shower for a selfie session with...
Disney princess incest poster sexual abuse ariel

Artist Uses Disney Princesses to Make a Powerful Message About Sexual Abuse

Seeing The Little Mermaid’s Ariel kissing her father probably shocked you when you first saw it—which is probably exactly the reaction artist Saint...
Britney spears jamie lynn

VIDEO: Britney Spears Shares Sweet Birthday Message to Jamie Lynn’s Daughter Maddie

Britney Spears may have not been able to make it to her niece’s birthday party, but she sure made up for it by sharing sweet messages! Maddie, the...
Selena gomez justin bieber

On Again, Off Again...On Again?: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Spark Rumors They Have Reunited After Posting Intimate Picture

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's love has always been a bit of a roller coaster - and at this stage we are finding it a tad hard to keep...
Rihanna tlc naked tboz chilli

Hypocrites?: TLC Calls Out Rihanna For Her Revealing Fashion Choices

The dress Rihanna wore to the CFDAs—maybe you’ve seen it, it was made up of thousands of Swavorski crystals, leaving nothing to the imagination—has...
Lady gaga disney maleficent

Ever Notice?!: Lady Gaga Thinks She's a Disney Villain – See All the Times She Dressed Like a Fairy Tale Character

We know that Lady Gaga is gaga for Disney: The 28-year-old singer has said she was channeling a "stoned Disney princess" when recording...
Justin bieber selena gomez drugs breakup

Drugs Tore Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Apart (REPORT)

Selena Gomez called it quits with Justin Bieber because he was “getting into drugs.” The 21-year-old’s grandfather, Ricardo Gomez, reveals the...
Tiffany thornton kidnap accusation

Disney Channel Star Tiffany Thornton Is Being Accused of Kidnapping Her Own Children—By Her Husband!

Tiffany Thornton, best known for starring opposite Demi Lovato on Sonny With a Chance and its spin-off So Random!, has been accused of kidnapping...
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“I Am Being a Helplessly Hopeless Human”: Miley Cyrus’ Depressing Letter About Life Post-Floyd, Singer Admits to Not Being Able to Move On

It’s been more than a month and a half since Miley Cyrus’ dog Floyd passed away—and the pain of the loss lives on. In a new letter posted on her...