Zac Efron proves he
has the right to bare


You know those days when even the remnants of a half-gallon of ice cream on the kitchen counter still isn't enough to get you to the gym. Don't be like Mike (Jordan, that is!), be like Zac Efron. The 19-year-old has a summer schedule that makes Ryan Seacrest look like a loafer, and yet he still finds time to hit the gym. Not taking into account his role in the movie adaptation of the Broadway hit Hairspray, set to hit theaters in one week, he also stars in the Disney sequel to High School Musical, debuting in a little more than a month, and Variety is now reporting that he's signed on to play the lead in a movie remake of the Kevin Bacon flick Footloose. Seriously, if Zac can make it to the gym, what excuse do you have, really?