Tate stevens x factor

'X Factor' Contestant
Tate Stevens Sheds
Tears For Wife: 'The
Spark Is Still There
After 15 Years'

Ray Mickshaw/ FOX

America’s favorite cowboy is actually quite the softie!

The X Factor contestant and current frontrunner Tate Stevens is nothing but a big teddy bear in spurs. The 37-year-old took the stage last night to belt out Shania Twain’s ballad “From This Moment,” but not without getting a little emotional in the process.

“I got called a crier the other day, which - whatever! I tell you what, if that's the worst you call me, I'm good,” Tate tells In Touch of his tearful performance. “I did what I could do with the song and I poured my heart into it. It's an emotionally charged song, and I'm an emotional person.”

So what about the Shania tune got the aspiring singer all choked up? His supportive other half.
“I sang it to my wife because it kind of encompasses who we are,” he admits. “I met her when I was a junior in high school and a lot of people said, ‘Oh you're too young, you don't know what love is’ - but I knew. And she did too. There was a feeling, there was something different. I can't explain it.”

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The pair will celebrate fifteen years together on Dec. 7, but Tate tells In Touch the spark is still present as ever.
“I don't know how she's put up with me for this long!” he admits. “But when I hold her hand, yes [the spark] is still there.

So what did Tate’s wife think of his emotional act?

“She was excited,” he admits. “She smiled and gave me a kiss and she said, ‘I'm not crying, I'm not going to cry!’ I'm the crier! We're best friends and I think that's a big part of why we're still going [strong].”
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