Wrestler Hulk Hogan Recreates Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” Music Video

Hulk Hogan climbs atop a wrecking ball a la Miley Cyrus.

Hulk Hogan climbs atop a wrecking ball a la Miley Cyrus.

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Hulk Hogan has a word of advice to everyone picking on or complaining about Miley Cyrus: If you can’t beat her, join her!

More specifically, join her atop of a piece of construction equipment (you see where this is going, right?).

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The wrestling legend and former reality star hopped on top of a wrecking ball channeling his inner Miley.

Unlike Miley, who went completely nude, the 60 year old wore his signature bandana, a boa of sorts… and a thong.

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So why is Hulk Hogan swinging from and straddling a wrecking ball exactly? To bring a poetic metaphor about a breakup to life?

Not quite; he’s promoting his latest business venture, HostaMania,  a web hosting service provided by Hulk Hogan himself.

Watch his hilarious spoof and tell us what you think!

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