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Earlier this week, In Touch exclusively revealed that model Michael Girgenti, who worked with Kourtney Kardashian on a photo shoot in 2008, believes he may be Mason Disick’s biological father— not Scott Disick.

Nine months after Michael and Kourtney’s alleged sexual encounter, on Dec. 14, 2009, Kourtney gave birth to baby Mason and was back together with Scott—her longtime boyfriend and the publicly acknowledged father of her children. Now, Michael is asking for a DNA test to prove that he’s Mason’s dad. 
And Michael, who admittedly thinks Kourtney is “a good mother,” is skeptical of Scott, who is notorious for his partying and poor treatment of her. 
But it’s no surprise that Scott isn’t exactly Father of the Year. Here’s why:
He Loves to Party: Scott would rather be out clubbing with his friends until the sun comes up than at home with Kourtney and his kids. “He doesn’t want to grow up,” a pal admits.
He Has Anger Issues: Scott terrified Kourtney when he put his fist into a mirror during a 2010 fight. On Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, he’s bullied her for her weight, saying she’s too heavy.
He Makes Kourt Do It All: “It’s obvious Kourtney’s the primary parent,” says Michael, who replies “no” when asked if he’d want Scott to continue caring for Mason if a DNA test proves Michael is the father.
He Spoils Himself: Scott is always buying new toys (like his Audi R8) for himself, not his kids. “He’s immature and selfish,” an insider says. “He puts himself first in pretty much every situation.” 
Do you think Scott is a good parent to Mason and Penelope, or would Kourtney be better off if Michael were Mason’s biological father? Sound off in comments.