Brandi glanvile broken hand real housewives

Worst Week Ever?
Brandi Glanville
Breaks Her Hand in
Self-Defense Class


This has not been Brandi Glanville's week! First, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was caught drunkenly stumbling out a club and exposing her nips to the world. The Drinking and Tweeting author did what she does best and used social media to respond to her haters. And if that wasn't enough, she broke her hand! Now how is she going to tweet?



Later, she managed to post a couple of tweets and apologized for making errors - that's what happens when you have to type with your other hand!



This isn't the first time that Brandi has injured herself and shared the story with her fans. Last year, she got a laser skin treatment and posted a picture of her burned-looking face. During her first episode of Real Housewives, Brandi was on crutches after she broke her foot but still insisted on wearing heels. That's commitment!