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Interview Lindsay:
"I'm taking it day by


Curled up in a chair at the Sundance Resort in Utah on October 7, Lindsay Lohan gave her first post-rehab interview exclusively to In Touch reporter Kate Major (above left, with Lindsay). "Going out all the time was very self-destructive," the 21-year-old admits. But can the former Hollywood wild child resist slipping back into her habits? "The biggest thing is not being in LA and staying away from the nightlife," she says. Besides a change of scenery - she's in the process of moving into a swank New York City condo - Lindsay tells In Touch she's cleaning house when it comes to her friends. "I have good people in my life now. I am surrounded by people that don't use me and who love me for me," she says. "The people who want to go out and party, that's not what I'm about now." But, is there any truth to the rumors regarding a rehab romance? "Yes, I'm seeing someone," she smiles. "His name is Riley. I am really happy and taking it day by day." Good for you Lindsay!

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