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Remember those stories of glamorous transatlantic flights on the Concorde (first class! Champagne service! Warmed towels!)? No wonder people used to dress up for the airport. Well, those days are gone and the luxury’s been replaced with baggage restrictions, gas surcharges and, if you’re lucky, a warm soda — not to mention many velour tracksuits. But there’s still one great takeaway inspired by the golden age of flying, straight off the pilot’s face and updated for the ultimate in chic — these Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviator Sunglasses. Goldtone with a gradient lens, these frames will help channel your inner flying ace. So get ready for takeoff. Next destination? A return to high-flying style.

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Rising fuel prices. Global warming. Finally finding the perfect pair of butt-lifting jeans. There are plenty of things to stress out about to make you scream “OMG!” Which is why we’d like to offer a gentle reminder about your whacked-out chakras and regaining your lost center. Luckily, finding it (and thus, your sanity) won’t be hard, especially when you combine the super lemon yellow J.Crew Tranquil-stripe Yoga Mat with a fine downward dog. The mat’s citrus hue makes it a visual standout and the super thin stripes aren’t only pretty, they also offer heightened traction during those energy-restoring poses. That extra traction means the mat won’t easily slip away — unlike your temper during a wicked traffic jam. So grab your mat, get into lotus and finally put the om back in OMG!

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