Lisa hochstein

Why ‘RHOM’ Star Lisa
Hochstein Is Terrified
Of Using a Surrogate


Hiring a surrogate wasn’t an easy decision for Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein. She begged her husband, Lenny, to reconsider when he brought it up on a recent episode, arguing, “I can still try,” before admitting, “It’s uncomfortable for me to think of my baby growing in some other woman’s tummy.”

In Touch can reveal that Lisa and Lenny finally did agree to hire a surrogate, only to watch the deal fall through. “After three miscarriages and four failed IVF tries, it was a nightmare,” she says of asking a stranger to carry her child.

“We thought we’d found the right person, but she had some personal issues and it didn’t work out,” Lisa admits to the mag. “It was so disappointing.” Now she and Lenny are starting the grueling interview process all over again. “It’s scary,” confides the reality star. “Obviously, I made a mistake last time because the woman didn’t tell me she had problems.”

Lisa is a self-professed control freak and admits to In Touch, “I’m going to be very hands-on. I’ll want to know what she’s doing at all times. I’ll even send her food if she wants me to!”

Despite the recent heartbreak, she and Lenny have hope that they will be parents soon. “We will never give up,” vows Lisa. “I didn’t always agree with going this route, but I’m in a much better place now and I can’t wait anymore. It will happen — a baby is coming next season!”

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