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Why Justin Long Quit

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He's Just Not That Into You star Justin Long is just not that into Facebook.

The actor, who stars in the upcoming flick A Case of You, admits that he recently gave up on the social media website.

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"I tried to use Facebook at one point for a couple months to keep in touch, but I realized there's like a thing about just friendship in general. There’s a reason why you don't keep in touch," the 35-year-old explained to Fox News. "I have a couple friends from high school that I still call them on the phone, which is really old fashioned and weird."

Justin, who's currently dating actress Amanda Seyfried, also thinks that the internet has made relationships more of a challenge. His character in A Case of You was inspired by experiences that Justin and some of his friends had online.

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"We had in our own ways been kind of struggling with the new technology and how to employ it and how to navigate finding somebody in that new world. So that's kind of where it came from, and misusing it."

Even though Justin has officially given up on Facebook, he hasn't quit social media completely. His Twitter account is still active, although he hasn't yet signed up for Instagram.