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Why is Brad Pitt
Jealous of Matt Damon?

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Former Ocean's 11 co-stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon may be good friends, but the Elysium star reveals in a new interview with Esquire magazine that there are times when the father-of-six wishes his life was more down-to-earth like Matt's.

Matt says he "got lucky" and fell with a civilian, his wife Luciana, and because of that Matt says he and his family aren't followed by hordes of paparazzi wherever they go. Brad on the other hand, can't go anywhere with his fiancée, Angelina Jolie, and their family without flashes going off in their faces.

Brad Pitt: Home is Wherever My Family Is

"I look at Brad – and I have for years – and when I'm with him I see the intensity of the other side of it," Matt says. "I remember telling [Brad] that I walk my kids to school, and his face just fell. He was very kind, but he was like, 'You bastard.' Because he should be able to do that too. And he can't."

Matt also tells some seriously great stories about his other celeb buddies in the article – Tom Cruise, Bono, George Clooney and BFF Ben Affleck.

How Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Saved Their Marriage

The 42-year-old reveals that he and his family are moving from NYC to LA, and have bought a house on the same street as his best friend Ben and wife Jennifer Garner. "It's like being in the old neighborhood again," Ben says.

Also in the story, Ben jokes about Matt's recent role as Liberace's gay lover in the HBO movie Before the Candelabra, saying, "Though I've seen Matt's ass quite a lot, it was nice to get an update."