Whoa! The Pope Resigns - And Celebrities React on Twitter

Pope resigns twitter


It's official: Pope Benedict XVI resigns!

The surprising confession comes after the 85-year-old said his health was "no longer adequate to continue in office due to his advanced age."

The Pontiff announced his resignation to a meeting of Vatican cardinals this morning, stating he did not have the "strength of mind or body" to continue as a leader to more than a billion Roman Catholics worldwide. He will end his reign on Feb. 28.

He is the first Pope to stand down since Gregory XII quit in 1415. Naturally, the Twitterverse (side note: Pope Benedict XVI was the first Pope to have an official Twitter account) discussed the matter, with some celebrities weighing in on the issue.

See what they had to say below:

Kirstie Alley: I love Rome, Catholics & U..looking forward to a remarkable new Pope... #wiseleader

Colin Quinn: What's the name of that movie with the pope? Shane? Shane? Godfather 3! That's right Godfather 3! Yahoo!

Caroline Manzo: Saying Popes resignation is due to age/health. With Lent approaching... No Pope? Bizarre

Ru Paul: I'd rather poop than Pope

Matt Lauer: Great to have Cardinal Dolan reacting on our set to the dramatic news of the Pope stepping down. Thanks, Your Eminence.

Judd Apatow: After retweeting, '@pattonoswalt: TOP POPE. Realty competition.  Do it, Vatican,' the director wrote, 'Fox has already signed him as a commentator to replace Dick Morris.

Ricky Gervais: Being "The Pope" means you are married to God. So, is this like a divorce?

Star Jones: PROOF twitter can tire anyone out. Even the #VicarOfChrist.> "#PopeBenedict was the first #Pope to be on Twitter."

Debi Mazar: Surprise thr was no twttr announcement from the #POPE who recently joined. He really had nothing 2 say.They r supposed 2 die in service...hmm

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