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About Taylor Swift: 10
Fun Facts


Taylor Swift is more than just a pretty face and hitmaker, y’all!

The “Begin Again” singer sat down on Good Morning America this morning to chat about her new album Red, and decided to let viewers in on some secrets while she was at it.

Check out these ten fun facts you didn’t know about the country star:

1) The CD She’d Stand in the Rain For: Jodi Mitchell or James Taylor.

2) First Celebrity Crush: Taylor Hanson.

3) The Hardest Song to Write on Red: All Too Well. It started out as a ten minute song and had to be chopped down.

4) Favorite TV Shows: CSI, Law and Order, Grey’s Anatomy, Girls, The Mindy Project.

5) Most Fun Song on New Album: “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

AUDIO: Hear Taylor's dubstep debut "I Knew You Were Trouble"

6) Go-To Comfort Foods: Pop Tarts and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (Also Rob Pattinson’s fave!)

7) Favorite Place in the Whole World: Nashville. Why? “Because it’s my home, it’s music city, everybody there is so artistic, creative and nice.”

8) Hidden Talent: Antique shopping and putting together friends’ apartments when they’re not there.

9) How Her Parents Have Adjusted to Her Success: “They’re great with it!” Taylor’s dad is known for carrying around guitar picks from her tour and handing them out to strangers.

10) Makes Her Smile: “Mostly cats.”