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What Would Hannah Say?
4 Reasons Lena
Dunham’s ‘Girls’
Character Would Hate
Her ‘Vogue’ Spread


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A lot has been said about Lena Dunham’s spread for Vogue. Some are praising the fashion mag for picking an unconventional cover star, while others are attacking both Lena—and Vogue¬—for photoshopping the glamour shots of the Girls star. Lena is standing by the photo shoot, despite claims that they were photo shopped. Regardless, there’s at least one person who don’t think would like her Vogue spread… her Girls character, Hannah. Here’s why.

  1. A distinct lack of cupcakes in the bathroom shot. Lena Dunham 1 One of the most memorable motifs from the first two seasons of Girls is the recurring interpersonal time in the bathtub—most impressively, in the pilot episode, when Hannah eats a cupcake and sits in the tub as Marnie shaves her legs. It’s nice that they paid homage to the tub, but we really feel like it’s missing a cupcake.
  2. Also, too much pants in the bedroom Lena Dunham 2 This may literally be the first time the world has seen Lena Dunham and Adam Driver on a bed together and they’re both covered up; it’s a little unsettling, actually.
  3. There’s a pigeon. On her head. Lena Dunham 3 We get that Hannah totally embodies the youthful spirit of modern-day Brooklyn, even though she grew up in Michigan. And we love that she really gets being a New Yorker trying to make it. That being said, we’re not buying the pigeon on the head. And for Lena, who is a native New Yorker, it doesn’t make any more sense.
  4. Adam Is Carrying Her in a Totally Natural Way Lena Dunham 4 So in the end of Season 2, Adam comes to sweep Hannah off her feet when she’s at her lowest. We’d like to think that the idea of having a man carrying her—literally or figuratively—doesn’t come naturally to Hannah or Lena. Yet, here we are…