Justin bieber orlando bloom incident

REPORT: What Justin
Bieber Told Orlando
Bloom Before THAT
Punch was Thrown in

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What Justin Bieber said to Orlando Bloom before Orly threw a punch at him is probably the second greatest unanswered question on everyone’s mind (the Jay Z/Solange elevator incident is obviously number one).

It all went down Wednesday evening in Ibiza at the restaurant Cipriani. The two were captured on video, which went viral, but the audio was hard to hear. Rumors swirled that the fight was sparked by something the Biebs said about Miranda Kerr.

Now, a new report is claiming what Justin said to Bloom: “Miranda told me, ‘I want to make a man out of you.’”

A source told UK’s Sunday People newspaper, “At the time of the split it was certainly one of the motivations. [Orlando] was, and still is, very cross about all of this. He can’t believe that someone he regards as a silly little boy has had this impact on his relationship. He is absolutely fuming.”

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Even if Orlando is “fuming” inside, he sure has a great way of hiding his emotions. On Friday, a video circulated of The Hobbit star dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” in Ibiza while with his rumored new girlfriend Erica Packer.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr shared this Instagram pic on Friday while on vacation.

Meanwhile Bloom’s ex-wife is reportedly staying away from the public eye by vacationing in Europe.

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“Miranda wants all of this behind her and she just wants to move on from this and go about her life. She is very embarrassed about everything that has gone on,” a source tells E! News.

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