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What Allison Williams
Has Learned From Her
'Girls' Co-Star Lena


Allison Williams may play the part of a woman who’s desperately trying to achieve perfection, but the Girls actress has taken a lesson or two out of her co-star Lena Dunham’s rulebook— for starters, nobody is perfect.  

“I’ve realized very slowly over the last five, six, seven years that it was a waste of my time trying to be the perfect version of myself,” Allison tells Boston Common Magazine in a new interview. “I’ve learned a bajillion things from Lena. One of the major things is that sense of self. It does not need to be solidified forever, it’s not permanent, and that sense of yourself will continue to shift and flow throughout your life. And that’s okay. She’s helped me learn to embrace the gray area between black and white, which has been really wonderful.”

And embracing that in-between area became even more surreal for Allison, who plays Marnie Michales on the HBO series, when Girls took home a Golden Globe in January for Best Comedy or Musical TV series.

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“What you saw from the three of us when we won the Golden Globe Award was pure, unmitigated joy and surprise and elation,” Allison says of their win. “Because we have all gone through [the doubts]. At one point or another, we’ve all come to this realization that we’re not going to do what we do perfectly, so we just have to have fun and enjoy it.”

And they’ve been doing just that! Aside from delivering tons of laughs, the ladies who’ve made Girls so compelling and relatable are finally being recognized for their all-too-true depictions of everyday women with everyday problems.

So now that her show is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon, does Allison consider herself famous?

“‘Fame’ is such a sticky word. It’s all so fickle and fleeting,” she admits. “I don’t feel famous, but I do feel that attention is being paid. The amount of attention is the variable that seems to change day by day. It’s early. I’m young, I just started, but given that I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was 4, I just feel lucky to be making a living doing what I love. I have always held that as the standard for happiness... and it feels as good as I always imagined it.”