Burnell taylor weight loss american idol

Weight Loss Secrets:
Eliminated 'American
Idol' Contestant,
Burnell Taylor,
Reveals How He Lost 40
Pounds in 1 Month


Burnell Taylor may have been eliminated on last night’s episode of American Idol, but the 19 year-old hopeful has faced bigger losses— his weight!

Admitting that he’s shed a shocking 40 pounds in the last month since being on the show, the Louisiana native reveals it was hard work and determination that helped him lose the weight.

“There’s power in the treadmill!” Burnell tells In Touch about his drastic 40 pound weight loss. “That’s the only thing I did, and I just did it for 90 minutes two times a day because I was very dedicated and determined that I was going to lose [the weight].”

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Unfortunately, Burnell’s rock-week song choice, "You Give Love a Bad Name,"— the only tune on the approved list he knew— wasn’t the best choice for him, which left the top 10 finalist packing on Thursday, April 4.

But that doesn’t mean the singer, who lost everything to Hurricaine Katrina in 2005, is stopping giving up hope when it comes to his career—or his weight loss ...that’s just not his style.   

“I slept and ate and did all kind of things with that treadmill and I'm going back home and I'll do it again!” he says of his drive to get in tip-top shape.

And when it comes to his career?

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“I want to do so much!” he says of his future. “I would love to work with Frank Ocean, Brandy, India Arie, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, anybody that's looking for a brother because I'm coming home! By the time I'm 25, I better have at least six Grammys.”

That’s the spirit, Burnell. We’re rootin’ for you.

Check out the video below to see Burnell's full performance of "You Give Love a Bad Name":