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'Voice' Contestant on
Christina Aguilera:
She Has A Potty Mouth
and I Live For It!

Tyler Golden/NBC

We all know that Christina Aguilera’s a little “dirrty”— and one of her contestant’s on The Voice can concur!

Adriana Louise, 22, is a Team Christina finalist on The Voice, working closely with the “Beautiful” singer on and off-set to perfect her vocals.

“She is hysterical and has a potty mouth and I live for it,” Adriana tells In Touch of Xtina. “In rehearsal for this song, she was like, 'Oh I love it! I even love it in rehearsal.' And then she was like, 'This is not going to make it to air, but girl, I love it, sex it up! Yeah, sex it up, you are the sh*t!'”

Back in September, the Voice coach admitted to putting her extensive vocabulary to use by writing curse words in lipstick all over Blake Shelton’s trailer.

"These guys are like my brothers at this point. It's hilarious what we do behind the scenes and then on camera. It's ruckus. It's so funny," Christina admitted in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. "One second me and Adam are in the back, Blake's taking a nap, and we're bored, so I take my red lipstick out and we start writing profanity on the outside of his trailer. We're like 5-year-olds."

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And even though the famous mom's vocab is on the crude side, Adriana has nothing but fabulous things to say about Christina.

“She is incredible, she really is,” Adriana admits of her coach. “Her best advice has been to believe more in myself. I believe that she believed more in me than I believed in myself for a large portion of this competition. I love her.”

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