Vin diesel shower selfie

Steamy!: Vin Diesel
Shares a Shower Pic,
Shows Madonna, Miley
and Nicki Minaj How
It’s Done!


Is it hot in here, or is it just Vin Diesel looking super sexy in the shower?!

After hopping on the back of a pick-up truck and dumping a bucket of ice on his head in the name of awareness, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor stripped down and shared a literally steamy picture from inside the shower!

Vin Diesel Posts a Heart-Wrenching Tribute For His “Brother” Paul Walker

This is an amazing effort for a new cause we’re advocating for—A.K.A. the Eye Candy For Women Everywhere to Brighten Up Their Hump Day Foundation. We’re kind of the founders… it’s no big deal.

We’re challenging other hot guys to take off their shirts and let piping hot water drip from their bodies—in the name of charity, of course…

Granted, Vin isn’t the first star to take a dirty pic while getting squeaky clean—Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj have all taken shower selfies before. But after a thorough investigation, we have determined what their pics are missing…

Shower Selfies

Notice the yellow arrow by Madonna? Wet hair! No water! Unacceptable! The blue arrow—of course—addresses Miley’s towel… what is this? Amateur hour? The green arrow shows where Nicki’s muscles would be—if she was as ripped as our favorite Fast & Furious actor…

Of course the major issue—in all these pictures—is THE COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF VIN DIESEL. We circled it in red in case you missed it.

James Franco Ditches His Pants to Complete the Ice Bucket Challenge

Jokes aside, Vin really did complete the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised millions for the ALS Foundation.

Plus, his video may help forge peace—by nominating Angelina Jolie, First Lady Michelle Obama and President of Russia, Vladimir Putin!

Check it out (don’t worry, icy water looks almost as good on Vin as steaming water…):