Spice girls

Victoria Beckham
Reveals the Best Piece
of Memorabilia Ever…
Spice Girls Pizza!

The world just received a history artifact—a relic worthy of the finest museums, that’s sure to change the landscape of humanity as its understood—courtesy of the freezer at Victoria Beckham’s mother’s house. An exquisite combination of retro culture, first-rate cuisine… and girl power.

We’re talking about Spice Girls pizza. Yes—Spice Girls freakin’ pizza! Only a delicacy as epic as Spice Girls pizza could have Posh near frozen food, greasy cheese and—worst of all—carbs!

The mom-of-4 posted a picture on Twitter of the remnant in its original packaging, and wrote, “My mum just found this vintage pizza in the freezer!!!”

Listen, we’re big believes in vintage culture, and we’re firm believers that trends once considered retro will become popular again… that said, we don’t know if its necessarily safe to eat.

But that didn’t stop Vic from preparing the cheesy goodness—which spelt out “SPICE.”

Who knows what other ‘90s treasures may be hiding in the depths of Mrs. Adams’ home!

For all we know, there could be Nirvana nachos, Alanis Morissette tater tots or Hanson hot dogs!