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Vanessa Hudgens Talks
Holiday Dieting and
the Perfect Christmas


In Touch recently caught up with actress Vanessa Hudgens, who dished about her fitness tips for the holidays and what makes a memorable Christmas get-together.

So what’s her best diet and fitness advice for those who are snacking through the new year?

“Don’t deprive yourself of what you want!” she tells In Touch. “If you’re craving a piece of a bagel, by all means, go for it, otherwise, you’ll end up binging.”

But it’s not bagels Vanessa goes after when hunger strikes! The Spring Breakers star most recently indulged in some serious sweets.

For her birthday, Vanessa opted to forego a cake, instead admitting that she “literally ate half a dozen red velvet cupcakes... but they were mini.”

And according to the former Disney star, food is obviously one of the key ingredients to throwing an awesome Christmas party. So what else should hosts and hostesses' do to throw a memorable shindig?

“When it comes to holiday parties, I have high standards,” Vanessa confesses. “Good smells. The place has to smell like Christmas ‘cause that’s sensory, you know? Christmas lights, good Christmas music. I’m good with any kind of liquor!”