Selena gomez engagement ring

Upcoming Engagement?
Selena Gomez Wearing
Gold Band on Ring
Finger, Gift from
Justin Bieber!


Selena Gomez may have won Favorite Female Singer at the Kids’ Choice Awards, but there was one thing that stood out more than her acceptance speech.

After taking the stage, the 21-year-old singer grabbed onto the large orange Nickelodeon blimp she had just won. After looking closely, people were shocked to see a gold band resting on her award. And of course, it was spotted on her left ring finger!

Exclusive: Selena Gomez’s Family is Worried About Her Relationship with Justin Bieber

Even though her and Justin Bieber are rumored to have gotten back together, fans of the couple should be warned that it’s not an engagement ring—not yet.

“The ring was a gift from Justin, it’s not an engagement ring,” an insider tells, “but they are back on and very serious.”

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez 2012

Justin and Selena last attended an awards show together at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

Earlier this month, Justin shared on Instagram a video of them dirty dancing to John Legend’s Ordinary People at a Texas dance studio. Since then, the Come & Get It singer’s family have been worried about them getting closer.

“Selena’s family doesn’t know what to do. She didn’t tell anyone that she was still seeing Justin or still talking to him. She promised she would cut him out of her life,” a source close to Selena tells In Touch.

Exclusive: Selena Gomez Spotted Drinking and Partying – Just Months After Rehab!

“Most of her rehab focused on getting over him and now she is back into it. She isn’t taking anyone’s calls or answering their texts. She is shutting everyone out. Her family is panicked, especially her mom.”

On Sunday, Bieber, 20, tweeted, “As long as u are with me I will never leave you.” And it looks like as long as Selena is wearing that ring, she will never leave you.