Kaley cuoco fairy tale wedding

Undeniable Proof That
Kaley Cuoco’s Wedding
Was a Real-Life Fairy


On Dec. 31, 2013, Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting ended their year, and began a life together of ridiculously good-looking, wedded bliss.

Celebrity weddings tend to be over-the-top, and may give us a bit of bride envy, but we must say, Kaley’s nuptials were by far the fairest of them all.

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And why is that? Because it was literally a fairy tale! And not in a gushy, every-girl-is-a-princess kind of way—in fact, the only proof we have that this isn’t a guerrilla tactic for an upcoming Disney movie is the disappointing lack of talking animals (unless there’s something we don’t know…). 

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Exhibit A. they are now the Sweetings. Can you think of a more perfect, happily-ever-after surname? Probably not… and not just because most princesses don’t have last names.

In the event that this still isn’t enough proof, we rounded up all the evidence that suggests Kaley’s wedding was a real fairy tale. Check it out!


1. She Wore a Gown Worthy of a Princess


Kaley didn’t go for the traditional white dress (take that, society!), and instead wore a gorgeous pink gown designed by Vera Wang. On Twitter, Kaley dubbed it a “fairy princess dress,” but to us, tulle ball gown just reminds us of the cotton candy clouds of our dreams.

2. Her Cake Was Legitimately Made With Magic

Just in case your brain is having trouble processing the incredibleness that is this cake (we struggled, too), this is an upside down chandelier cake. We refuse to believe that this is ANYTHING but the work of pure magic. Apparently there were some sandbags and custom rigs involved as well, but whatever.

3. They Essentially Tied The Knot at a SoCal Castle

Kaley and Ryan said “I Do!” at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Southern California; the above picture isn’t from their wedding, but from another wedding at the same ranch; if that isn’t the kind of place were animals walk right up to you á la Snow White, we don’t know what is.

4. Kaley and Ryan’s First Dance Song Was Sung By Angels

When it came time for their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Sweeting, their close friend Joe Gillette and Kaley’s sister/former The Voice contestant Briana sang as they took the dance floor. So… do you think this is something they only do for close friends and family? Or do you think we can get them to sing to us?

Asking for a “friend.”

5. They Were Actual Magical Creatures

Okay, so we totally don’t believe in magical creatures BUT if there is such a thing as a fairy godmother, we have to believe that she’d wear a dress that carries alcoholic beverages. Think about it.

6. Dress Up Was Encouraged

Like real royalty, Kaley obviously takes her humanitarian causes and civil responsibilities very, very seriously. Therefore, she was understanding that not everyone could be a princess, and she encouraged her guests to play dress up… Which is totally awesome.

To put the icing on the upside-down-chandelier-cake, she kept the photobooth with their fire-and-ice theme.

7. They’re Already Enjoying Happily Ever After

Pardon us for getting all sentimental, but all this romance talk has us gushing! Probably the most fairy-tale like aspect of their relationship is their love for each other. Aww.

Seriously, Kaley and Ryan got engaged after dating for only three weeks, but you can tell they’re the real deal! Congrats to the newlyweds, we can’t wait to see what happily ever after brings!

- Carly Sitzer/@carlysitzer