Uma thurman nymphomaniac movie poster

Uma Thurman Stars In
Super-Sexy Poster for
New Movie

Courtesy Magnolia Pictures

Uma Thurman's movie has the suggestive title Nymphomaniac, and the first posters for the flick show that it's definitely living up to its hype!

Uma stars alongside Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, and Jamie Bell in the new movie from controversial Danish director Lars Von Trier. The movie already got tons of buzz when it was first cast, as Shia and his co-star/real life girlfriend Mia Goth agreed to simulate sex on camera. Shia even reportedly sent in a homemade 'sex tape' of himself in order to get the part.

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The movie is sure to be explicit. In an interview, Von Trier said that he included footage of porn stars having real sex and included it in the movie to make it look like the actors went all the way. This means that there may be two different edits of the movie - an R-rated one and an NC-17 rated one - when Nymphomaniac is released in theaters in 2014.

To see all the racy posters, check out Nymphomaniac's official Facebook page.