Uma has her day in


She's one butt-kicking, karate-chopping vixen in the Kill Bill movies, but in real life Uma Thurman is just as vulnerable as the rest of us. "I was completely freaked out," an emotional Uma testified in court yesterday in New York, in the case against her accused stalker, referring to one particularly terrifying note. In that note, her accused stalker, Jack Jordan, a mentally unstable, unemployed pool cleaner, reportedly wrote, "My hands should be on your body at all times." Uma testified about her fear not just for herself, but also for the safety of her children, in light of the two years worth of menacing calls, e-mails, letters and even visits to her New York City doorstep. Jordan was finally apprehended last October and charged with stalking and aggravated harassment, after reportedly camping out on Uma's street and repeatedly ringing her doorbell. The trial continued today, with the accused taking the stand.