Amanda bynes tweets about rehab

#OMG: Twitter Account
Believed to Be Amanda
Bynes Posts Bizarre
Tweets: “They Gave Me
‘Shots’ to ‘Calm Me
Down’ But They Erased
My Memory”


Amanda Bynes is finally opening up about her time in rehab… sort of.

“Ashley”, the name used on the Twitter account @PersianLA27—which is widely believed to be the 27-year-old’s secret handle—posted a series of tweets about bad experiences while checked into some kind of medical or psychiatric facility.

One particularly traumatizing experience for “Ashley” was learning her parents gave away her dog, Sherbert—which just so happens to be the name of Amanda’s dog (who was taken away from the troubled starlet after she “accidentally” drenched the pup with gasoline).

Amanda Bynes’ Secret Twitter Account Revealed!

“When those f--kers strapped me to a bed for a month against my own will they advised my parents to get rid of Sherbert!!” she tweeted in all caps.

Two minutes later, she added, “They gave me ‘shots’ to ‘calm me down’ but they erased my memory!”

Amanda Bynes Tweets


While the person behind @PersianLA27 has denied being Amanda—and Amanda’s verified account, @amandabynes, tweeted “This is my only Twitter account, I have no secret Twitter accounts”—at least one social media expert, Susan Jack-Wharton, remains unconvinced.

Amanda Bynes Sends First Tweet Since Leaving Rehab, Sends Love

“If this isn’t Amanda Bynes’ private Twitter account, then someone is doing a very good job of impersonating her,” the social media expert told In Touch.

Well, if it is Amanda—sounds like there’s a lot more to her time during in-patient treatment than meets the surface!