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Transsexual Sofie
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Jennifer Lopez &
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PLUS: Sofie reveals she feels bad for J. Lo! “I didn’t reach out to Casper for what it led to.”

Within days of connecting on Instagram, transsexual model Sofie Vissa and Casper Smart were trading direct messages and eventually began exchanging racy photos, according to the model. One of which Sofie exclusively shares with In Touch of Casper in his boxers (pictured above).

And amongst new reports that the couple has split, Sofie shares her remorse about what really happened between her and Jennifer Lopezs now ex, Casper Smart — even telling In Touch that she feels bad for J.Lo!

EXCLUSIVE FIRST INTERVIEW : Transsexual Sofie Vissa Breaks Her Silence; Says Casper Smart Begged Her to Send 'Explicit Photos'

“I didn’t reach out to Casper for what it led to,” she tells In Touch, exclusively, in her interview. “It’s something Casper and Jennifer need to talk about. They need to figure out or fix whatever is wrong — because obviously, there’s something that’s not right between them. If you are in a relationship, I wouldn’t want my guy doing that. He is looking to fill some void.”

Sofie Vissa

Casper never expected their furtive messages would become public, and now his biggest fear has become a reality. “He denied everything,” a friend of J. Lo’s tells In Touch after he was confronted about Sofie. Still suspicious, according to the friend, J. Lo had someone else investigate the Sofie situation. That person “came back confirming Casper was communicating with Sofie,” an insider tells In Touch.

“She’s sick of being betrayed by men,” the insider says of Casper, who had embarrassed her back in 2012 when he was spotted at an erotic massage parlor and peep show in NYC’s Times Square.J.Lo's lawyers vehemently denied the story. “She had warned him, ‘If you ever do anything to embarrass me again, we’re done,’” her pal tells In Touch. “This was his last chance.”

For more about the Casper Smart scandal including photos shared between him and transsexual model, Sofie Vissa, pick up the new issue of In Touch Weekly on stands now.