Tori spelling birthday

Work and Play: Tori
Spelling Celebrates
Birthday With Kids
While Dean McDermott
is in Another Country


Judging by last week’s episode of True Tori where Tori Spelling contemplates Dean McDermott going away to Canada, we’re sure Tori spending her birthday with just her kids was not the celebration she had in mind.

On Friday, the actress turned 41 years old and took to Instagram to share pictures from her special day. In one, Tori captions the pic, “My first bday celebration,” which was planned by her friend Mehran Farhat and executed by her six-year-old son Liam.

In the second photo, Tori is seen with Liam and Stella, who surprise her with a “birthday donut.” This made Tori a “#happymama,” but did it make her a happy wife?

The mother of four is, yet again, taking care of her kids without the help of her husband. The last time she had to do this was earlier this year when Dean was in rehab for three months.

Before Dean and Tori even had a chance to properly mend their relationship – apart from couples counseling, the 47-year-old TV personality headed back to where his public affair took place—Toronto, Canada.

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Dean is there to film Chopped Canada, which was picked up for another season, and has been since he left the country on May 9.

Meanwhile, Tori is filming a new TV show with her childhood best friend and Beverly Hills, 90210 costar, Jennie Garth. The comedy series is about the two actresses, who play detective TV starlets, that come together for a real-life mystery.

The cast celebrated with Tori on her birthday by surprising her with a huge birthday cake.

"I'm a lucky lady. Blessed w/ an incredible work family at #mysterygirls Felt so loved & celebrated while getting 2do what I am passionate about! #LoveMyJob," she captioned the photo.

Watch the clip from ‘True Tori’ in which Tori discusses her fears of Dean going to Canada!