Justin timberlake jimmy fallon

Top 7 Reasons Why
Jimmy Fallon Can (And
Should!) Reunite
*NSYNC on 'Late Night'


The public has spoken, and they decided that 118 seconds of an *NSYNC reunion wasn’t enough. The world demands another, longer reunion—and it only makes sense for it to happen on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Here are the Top 7 reasons why.

1. They’re Besties 

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have been pals since Jimmy was still Live from New York every Saturday night, and JT was trying to figure out how to wear his hair. That’s why Jimmy got to present Justin with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards

It would be weird if Justin and the boys joined forces for anyone else—Justin was even on the first episode of Late Night! Not that anyone wants to wait until the Spring to see this reunion happen, but it would be the perfect way to start Jimmy’s tenure as host of The Tonight Show. Just sayin’.

2. He Reunited Jesse and The Rippers

That’s right—Jimmy is so powerful that he even brought back fictional bands and on-screen relationships. The medley that John Stamos and his costars performed was exactly what *NSYNC fans were longing for after the VMAs.

John Stamos wore a mullet wig, but we even bring up any of Justin’s silly hairdos if that means there’s a better shot!

3. He Has Also Actively Been Reuniting the Cast of Saved by the Bell

Further proof that Jimmy knows the way into the hearts of 90s-loving, nostalgic people everywhere! Getting *NSYNC back together would pretty much be the icing on the cake.

4. Like Us, Jimmy Is an *NSYNC Fan 

Here is Jimmy performing a *NSYNC while hosting the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. To Jimmy Fallon (and probably all of you), No Strings Attached will always be a flawless album by a 90s boy band (no offense to Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, of course).

5.  Timberweek Was a Reminder That Anything Goes on Late Night

Seriously, if Justin is open to putting on fake braces and singing ‘Africa’ to Toto, he must be open to pretty much anything if it’s on Late Night.

Come to think of it, the anything goes on Late Night really applies to everyone. What other show can say they got the president of the United States to slow jam?

6. Jimmy Knows People Who Can Fill in (If Need Be)

Not to say that anyone wants Horatio Sanz as Joey Fatone over the real deal, but it is reassuring that Jimmy knows who to call if anyone needs to be filled in.


7. Jimmy and Justin are Music Historians

Jimmy and Justin obviously take their commitment to music history—and even though they mostly stuck to rap, it would just be a crime not to include *NSYNC in any kind of musical retrospective.


No pressure or anything, but *NSYNC fans everywhere are counting on you, Jimmy!