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Tony Dovolani’s
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For the 17th season of Dancing With the Stars, professional dancer Tony Dovolani will take In Touch readers along his incredible journey by providing a behind the scenes look at DWTS and reflecting on that week’s performance. This week, he is talking about what it is like to work with his latest partner, Leah Remini.


I have to say both Leah and I were very relieved to get that first night over with. Leah was very nervous about it; she was scared.

Leah is normally so confident but this is completely out of her comfort zone. With everything else she does she's confident because she knows how to do it, she's acted and been a comedian her entire life, but when you put someone into something they have never done before...  I was expecting her to be a little nervous but it was how well she controlled those nerves was something that really pleasantly surprised me.

Leah's biggest strength is her work ethic. She might not get things right away, but she'll work so hard till she eventually does. She can be a little too critical of herself, but sometimes if you're not hard on yourself, you won't work as hard.

When you put the type of pressure Leah has on herself it becomes very intense. But Leah did really great and I was so proud of her. Now that we have the first week under our belt Leah is ready to fight. She laughed and said, “the gloves are off, my dress is coming off and I'm ready to fight.”

Some contestants have even danced their whole lives. But in some ways it makes you go, all right, I'm putting up a fight. One of the main things about the show is the journey and becoming a dancer, not someone who comes to the show as a dancer.

Leah has hardships beyond the dance floor; she’s dealing with a lot of things for the first time but I have to say I've never met anyone who works as hard as she does. She wants this badly and is not going down without a fight. 

Despite the heated competition, everyone is getting along great and things have been really fun on the set.

If this season wasn't as competitive things might be a little lighter, but everyone is there to work. Leah’s coping with things great. She looks after herself by getting a massage and she carries a bag with her everywhere with things like Band-Aids and everything you can think of.

The first night jitters might be out of the way, but I think everyone has realized the level of competition is ridiculous and just as quick as the jitters disappeared they’ve been replaced with the nervousness of being eliminated.

There are just no weak links this season, even Bill Nye The Science Guy got 2.7 million hits on his YouTube account. Talk about a fan favorite!

But that’s not going to slow us down—we’ll keep putting up a fight!

Wish us luck!