Tom hanks f bomb good morning america

Tom Hanks Drops The
F-bomb on 'Good
Morning America'

fred lee/abc

Cover your ears, kids!

Lovable actor Tom Hanks stopped by Good Morning America this morning to chat with Elizabeth Vargas, but ended up apologizing to “the kids in America” who were watching the show instead.

So why the apology?

The Oscar winner was asked to demonstrate an accent he uses in his new movie Cloud Atlas, but Tom told the anchor that him doing so would result in mostly “swear words.”

After Elizabeth egged him on, Tom gave it a go anyway… and said the big, bad, unspeakable F-bomb by accident.

“Man oh man!” Tom said covering his mouth in embarrassment. “I’m sorry I slipped into a brand of acting…and next time I’m on the show there will be a seven second delay.”

Even after the GMA host tried to move on to another topic, Tom felt obliged to continue apologizing for his slip.

“Never give me a handheld mic!” the actor joked as the entire studio crew burst out laughing. “I blame the staff!”