Today on ‘The Gossip Table’: Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Post-Pregnancy Body in Paris

Kim Kardashian struts her stuff in Paris.

Kim Kardashian struts her stuff in Paris.


Watch out world, Kim Kardashian is back and sexy with her post-pregnancy body!

In Touch Weekly's contributing senior news editor, Noah Levy discussed the star's tight fitting clothing during Paris' fashion week on this morning's episode of VH1's The Gossip Table with his co-hosts. 

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According to an insider, "Kim has felt that she was hiding her body for so long because of the pregnancy and trying to loose the weird that she is really excited to be in Paris and show of her new body.”

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An onlooker in Paris reveals, "Kim looked so hot at The Givenchy show, very simply dressed, Kayne helped her pick out her outfit for the occasion."

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