Kim kardashian dentist judgment

Million Dollar Smile:
Today Kim Kardashian
Is Worth $40 Million —
But She Still Owes Her
Dentist $3,000 From 13
Years Ago!


Kim Kardashian is worth $40 million — but she still owes $3,000 for dental work she had done more than a decade ago!

And now the dentist is giving any dedicated fan (or equally dedicated hater) the chance to make her come forward to pay the bill — which means this could be your chance to get your hands on her money!

In 2001, Mrs. Kanye West wasn't the major star she is today — she was just another socialite living in the vanity-obsessed world of Los Angeles.

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So naturally, she consulted a dentist about swapping out her silver fillings for more aesthetically pleasing porcelain ones to match her pearly whites, and ultimately went through with the cosmetic procedure — but trouble arose for Kim when the dentist, Dr. Craig Gordon, took her to court claiming she stiffed him when it came time to pay.

Ultimately, he took her to court — but she skipped out on that, too — and she was forced to pay $1,605.73 via a default judgment.

Kim K.

But Kim never paid the dentist, and interest rates increased the value of the court-ordered judgment to $3,486.85 — and Dr. Gordon is willing to sell the judgment to the highest bidder, who's willing to fork over the cash so they can dedicate their time to getting the money out of Kim themselves!

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Potential bidders be warned: Don't waste your time lowballing Dr. Gordon to try to earn a profit when Kim pays up — the doctor thinks he can get $13,000 for the judgment because it has “collectible value.”