Tina fey hosting oscars

Tina Fey Says “No Way”
To Hosting The 2014
Oscars— Find Out Why!


Our dreams are officially shattered.

Sadly, after rocking her Golden Globes hosting gig with pal Amy Poehler, it doesn’t seem like Tina Fey is up for hosting the 2014 Oscars, despite tons of fan requests.

“I just feel like that gig is so hard. Especially for, like, a woman – the amount of months that would be spent trying on dresses alone ... no way,” Tina said while promoting her new film Admission.

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When asked if there was the slightest possible chance she may change her mind, the comedienne responded, “I wish I could tell you there was.” Say it isn’t so!

The former 30 Rock star may not be headed for the Academy Awards stage next year, but she did admit it was nice to be acknowledged during Seth MacFarlane’s opening monologue.

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William Shatner appeared on a video monitor to try and stop Seth from becoming the “Worst Oscar’s Host Ever,” exclaiming, “Why couldn’t they just get Tina and Amy to host the show? Why can’t Tina and Amy host everything?” The star responded with a laugh, “Thank you. It's an honor to be "Shatnered."

With Tina Fey out of the running, who do you think should host the Oscars next year?