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This Year In Pop
Culture: Miley Cyrus,
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As the year is rounding up, we take a glance at the year 2013 and the events that happened along the way. The people at have given us a list of the most frequently asked questions and thoughts that surfaced the brains of nearly 100 million monthly visitors.

Ranging from celebrities and entertainment, to daily news, to questions about politics. These are the questions that puzzle the minds of billions of daily Internet users. People visit Ask for answers to questions to some of the most interesting trends and top story lines that have made its way around the entire nation.

The AMAs’ Top 5 Most Talks About Moments!

Questions like, "Will the U.S. invade Syria?" and "Why did the government shut down?" have won the attention of millions of people.

We can't forget about other 'important' stories that make us ask, "Is Lamar Odom on drugs?" "Why is Kim and Kanye's baby named North West?" and most importantly, "Who will play Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey?"

With such a wide variety of searches, it makes you wonder how old are these people that have access to computers and technology. Whether they are 'Asking' from an iPhone, laptop, or other form of technology, the questions are endless. Is an adult asking 'Why Amanda Bynes was arrested?” Or is a child?

Fall 2013 Google Trends Revealed! is used by people of all ages, all around the world. This is where people go to get the best sources and information to keep us up-to-date in such a popular, media-filled society. has the sources to answer any question one may have about their daily life, whether it's their government, their health, or their favorite celebrity or TV show. 

The list has provided really goes to show you what is on the mind of the average American. In a nutshell, an average of 30 questions typically sums up the most important and popular events in the political, news, and entertainment world, throughout the entire year.

You can't blame someone for wanting to know what Miley Cyrus did at the VMA's! ………. OR for wanting to know why Pope Benedict took a step down.