Charlie sheen drunk taco bell hammered

WATCH: This New Video
of Charlie Sheen
‘F--king Hammered’ at
a Taco Bell
Drive-Through Is


Charlie Sheen was spotted "hammered" at a Taco Bell yesterday, July 15.

In other predictable announcements, the grass is still green and the sky is still blue.

One lucky fan spotted the former Two and a Half Men star and even caught the entire interaction on video!

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In the brief footage—which is less than a minute long—the fan calls Charlie over because someone else in the car is a “big fan.” After stumbling to the videographer’s car, the 48-year-old apologized to the fan for “being so f--cking hammered” as he uses the open window to hold himself up and shows off his tattoos (including one of Charlie Brown and another dedicated to the Cincinnati Reds).

While it’s unclear whether drugs, alcohol or tiger blood is to blame for his intoxication—the shocking video comes shortly after a recently clean Charlie and his fiancée Scottine Sheen (previously known as Brett Rossi) confessed they were thinking of expanding their family.

“Yes, that’s pretty much as far as we have got though,” the X-rated actress told TMZ yesterday, when she was asked about having kids of her own. “He has five amazing kids. That’s as far as we got. I think we should focus on this awesomeness that we have right now.”

You thinkin' what we're thinking? Quesarito Big Box for the whole fam!