Keeping up with the kardashians season 9

They're Back! 4
Revelations From the
Season 9 Premiere of
'Keeping Up With the


On Jan. 19, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and the gang kicked off the ninth season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (that’s right, it’s been almost a decade since the Kardashians first entered your living room!).

Despite constantly being in the spotlight, there are still many unanswered questions about their lives—and luckily, the premiere episode shined a light on many of these issues.

While we wouldn’t necessarily call Keeping Up With the Kardashians “educational” in a traditional sense, we did learn a lot in last night’s episode! Check out our top four revelations from last night’s season 9 premiere!

1. Rob Had a Hand in Khloé and Lamar’s Divorce

Once upon a time, Lamar, Khloé and Rob were like everyone’s favorite little dysfunctional family. But now, Rob turns against his buddy to protect his sister. After Khloé tells Rob that Lamar gets prepaid cell phones and disposes of them regularly, little bro Rob steps in as protector and encourages his sister to move out of the house she bought with her estranged husband.

2. Bruce Initiated the Separation Conversation


Think Kris Jenner wears the pants in her (now-former) relationship with Bruce Jenner? Think again! The premiere revealed they first brought up the idea of living separate lives after Bruce secretly renewed the lease on his home in Malibu!

3. Kim’s Hair-spiration Revealed

When Kim Kardashian went blonde in September, just months after giving birth to baby North, many were quick to speculate that her fiancé Kanye West pressured her into doing it. However, on last night’s episode, Kim revealed that she dyes her hair when she needs a change—she did the same thing after she and Reggie Bush called it quits!

4. Kendall Was Really Upset About Her Parent’s Separation – But Not For The Reason You May Think!

Understandably, the news of Bruce and Kris’ separation is hardest on Kendall and Kylie. Not only are they the two youngest, but they are also Kris and Bruce’s two children together. Kendall is especially distraught of the idea of having separated parents, and there’s one factor of it that’s especially heartbreaking to her—she’s worried that the Kardashian girls won’t be her sisters anymore!
Luckily, Khloé is there to comfort for because, after all, that’s what sisters are for!